Our Policies

  1. Booking confirmation: All the online or offline bookings are made with Jibhi Adventure. (A Govt. Regd. Company. Having its registered office at 223/1 Sar Jibhi, Teh. Banjar, Distt.Kullu, Himachal Pradesh) Bookings will be confirmed only after receiving the full sum of the total amount for any agreed services in our account by bank transfer, cash payments, or cheques in favour of Jibhi Adventure.
  1. KYC: All the Guest who are willing to travel with Jibhi Adventure will need to provide a valid I D proof i.e. Passport and visa copy (in case of foreign nationality) /Driving license/PAN Card etc. before the trip starts.
  1. Need to be insured: It is a condition that before joining any adventure activity with Jibhi Adventure; you are insured against medical and personal accident risks. You must carry proof of the insurance with you during the trip, if you are not able to provide such proof of the insurance, in that case you will be required to take a suitable policy at that time.
  1. Authority: While traveling with Jibhi Adventure you agree to accept the authority of the Trip leader or local operator during the trip.
  1. Delay or changes due to bad weather: Bad weather in mountain can cause delay or changes in the original program, Jibhi Adventure will not be held responsible in those conditions for any damage or loss.  
  1. Natural Calamities: The additional cost on a tour caused due to Natural Calamities such as; fire, earthquakes, epidemic, war etc. will be paid by the guest directly; Jibhi Adventure will only help you to arrange all the requirements.
  1. Cancellation policy: On cancellation of a trip, booked with Jibhi Adventure 20% of the total amount will be non-refundable. Cancellation within the two days of the trip date 100%amount will be non refundable (50% of the total sum could be adjusted in future trips if you are travelling with Jibhi Adventure)
  1. Equipment loss or damage: During the trip, in case of any loss, damage to the Jibhi adventure equipment, tents, etc under your responsibility, you will have to pay the equal sum of amount as a replacement for the particular item.
  1. Third party policy: You acknowledge that Jibhi Adventure contracts with a network of companies, government agencies and individuals, to assist the running of its trips. To the best of Jibhi Adventures knowledge, these third parties are qualified to perform the duties they are contracted to perform. However, Jibhi Adventure will not be held liable for any injury, damage, loss, delay or irregularity that may occur due to the behaviour of these third parties.
  1. Disputes: We believe in the policy that honesty is the best policy, if there are any disputes and disagreements we will try to solve them by mutual consents, if the disputes go beyond that, all the disputes will be settled in Kullu court only.