Faguli is one of the unique festivals celebrated in Seraj region of Kullu Himachal this celebration goes on for four days, during these four days villagers from all around gathers and take the processions of deities through the different village dancing, chanting and sometimes the Shanmanes come in trans and perform some extraordinary acts which seem very illusionary and it’s hard to believe at first sight that what humans bodies are capable of, there is a lot of drumming dancing and various kinds of local musical instruments are being played. 

This festival is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, and also people are welcoming the spring and the working season after long winter hibernation. Although we are living in the modern age but experiencing these moments seems like time stood still and we traveled back to some old timers. The dresses to dance are made out of some grass and the dancers are dressed very colorfully.

This local festival is a very good opportunity to experience the local the authentic local culture (nothing touristy or made up to show off to make some bucks) and be part of this occasion, Local People around are very welcoming. Although there are some do’s and don’t which you will have to take care while roaming around like a local to be accepted as a local.

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