Your trusted exploration partner

Jibhi adventure is based in a little-known Himalayan hamlet – Jibhi nestled in the Banjar valley of Himachal Pradesh. It was started by a group of young enthusiastic people with a common goal of providing reliable, hassle-free & memorable experience to the tourists, while at the same time sustain & develop local culture, community and environment.

The group consists of people with diverse interests like tourism, adventure sports, environment conservation, social work and many educated unemployed youth who have bundles of energy to make this planet earth a charming place.

Our Philosophy

The Guest is God - Unmatched hospitality

We make the stay of foreign and domestic tourists, a memorable and pleasant one with reliable and hassle-free services at predictable costs. We strive to make sure that our guests are fully immersed in the activity and truly experience what they have come for.

Our clients repeatedly tell us that Jibhi Adventure’s commitment to safety, reliability and hassle-free hospitality is one of the characteristics that differentiates our firm. Many of our guests feel encouraged to return again and again, as friends. This would be in tune with India’s traditional philosophy “Athiti Devo Bhava”, which means “The Guest is God”.  



Sustaining local culture, community and environment

Jibhi Adventure is not just a tourism company but rather a Tourism Development Company. Our objectives surpass the simple business model. We are fostering enhanced understanding between people of different backgrounds and lifestyles and creating employment opportunities to bring about socio-economic benefits to the local community (particularly in the interior and remote areas). We are striving towards balanced and sustainable community development. We are also working towards preserving, enriching and promoting local cultural heritage.

Preservation and protection of our environment and natural resources to achieve sustainable development has become our way of work. We go an extra mile and never compromise when it comes to preserving our nature.

So, explore Himalayas in good conscience, when you chose Jibhi Adventure.


Jibhi adventure , a young group of people with extensive knowledge of local terrain and surrounding. also trained in emergency rescue situation , guests are assured of safe and enjoyable time with us.


We aim at giving our guests a memorable and Pleasant stay. We hope that all of our guests feel encouraged to return again as friends. We belive in India's traditional philosophy, "The Guest is God".


Promote sustainable tourism as a means of economic growth, social Integration, environment protection and conserve. Aim to promote the image of the area & introduce guests to the lifestyle of the native people.