Nature knows how to nurture and heal. The ‘Silent Walks in the Woods’ is a journey to share the healing powers of nature. We all know forests have great healing properties. As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. It has been scientifically proven that when we spend time in nature, our brain behaves differently. It affects how we feel and think which has a direct impact on our immunity and healing abilities. It also has a direct effect on our moods.

This! Healing journey is our endeavor to reconnect with nature and spend quiet moments in forests! To find calm and balance away from the stress of the cities and urban life.

Serenity and silence have a close relation and in the woods we can find a space, which allows the silence to resonate, and the healing transformation to happen.

NOTE- No experience required.

 First we’ll meet at Jibhi Adventure office for a safety briefing and tour instructions. Next you’ll gear up and follow your guide through the Jibhi/Tirthan to some of the most scenic landscapes in surroundings of Jibhi/ Tirthan Valley.


With minimum 4 person group

Rs. 500 per person

With 5-8 people

Rs. 400 per person

Not more than 12 people are allowed in this activity.

* Trip will be confirmed only on receipt of 100% advance payments by Cash/ bank transfer/credit or debit card in to our bank accounts.


  1. ALL SERVICES PROVIDED:- Transport to the trail head and back.
  2. INSTRUCTION from expert Guide: the guide will be with you during the whole activity. No experience necessary, we will walk you through the activity and offer tips throughout to make your experience the best it can be!
  3. Permits required from the authorities.

Age, weight, and mobility restrictions apply, see tour qualifications below.



There are two sessions

Session 1 –  7:00am – 11:00 am

 Session 2 –  2:00 pm – 7:00 pm

The above timings are suggested only,  We can customize as per your timings.7


CLOSED-TOE SHOES are required on all tours. Shoes with a good tread are recommended. 

CLOTHING: Wear clothes that allow a full range of motion. Long pants help avoid scrapes to the legs from the rock, but wear what is comfortable. NOTE: Clothes can get dirty, snagged or ripped on the natural sandstone rock.

WATER: Bring water to drink throughout the tour, preferably in a reusable water bottle.

MISC: Bring a hair tie for longer hair, bug repellent, rain gear, and layered clothing depending on the season.


To participate in tours at Jibhi Adventure 

  • Each guest must sign a Liability Release Form.
  • Participant should be at least 6 years of age.Any guest under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and have waiver signed by a parent or guardian.If the parent is not present, a photocopy of the parent’s drivers license must accompany the signed waiver.
  • Must be in reasonably good health and be physically able to walk up steep inclines and hills river banks. Distance covered will be at least 2 km over alternating terrain with rocks, roots, leaes and boulders.  
  • Pregnant women will not be allowed to for this tour.  
  • Anyone under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs or impairing legal medications will not be allowed to participate in any tour.
  • Comfortable clothing that allows you to fully maneuver your body is highly recommended.
  • Closed-toed shoes with good traction, ie, hiking shoes, athletic shoes or closed toed sandals for rappelling and nature tours.
  • Jibhi Adventure reserves the right to exclude anyone from participation for medical, safety or other reasons.

More activities around Jibhi


Bird watching

Jibhi offers a very diverse base for birding enthusiast, habitats varying from water bodies, dense forest to open alpine meadows you can easily spot 25-30 different species of native and migratory birds.

Waterfall Rappelling

A lifetime experience with rappel along the 55ft  waterfall, this tour is a great blend of nature, adrenaline rush and added on thrill of water splashing on you while you are on an edge of 50 ft high water fall ! 

Trek to Chehni Kothi

If you are looking for a day out and you are inclined to know about the history and culture of the area this trip offers the best of  both. You will have a glimpse of the life in a Mountain Village “Chehni Kothi”.