W I L D & W E L L

Silent Walks for Slowing Down & Reconnecting

Wilderness & Wellbeing

silent – slow – serene

A journey to share the love of the woods and a deep contemplative reconnect with nature

Forest Healing

Forest healing is a way to spend time in nature that helps one to deepen their connection-on with nature through walks that enable you to experience moments of deep calm, enhance your creativity and find greater clarity in facing life’s challenges. Through a set of forest games, activities and meditations we reconnect with nature and ourselves.


Forests are known to have great healing properties for our body, mind and spirit. As humans, we have evolved in nature. It’s where we feel most comfortable. Some of the researched benefits accruing from a proper nature connection are as follows.

• Improves focus and aLen-on span
• Higher crea-vity and self-confidence
• Improves mood and energy levels
• Increases empathy and emo-onal intelligence
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• BeLer sleep and mental health
• Fights depression
• Increases awareness and will power to overcome
• Faster recovery from surgery, illness, trauma
• Reduces high blood pressure, lung and heart illnesses
• Boosts vitality and immunity


In the modern world our connection with nature is reducing drastically. Our hectic lives put a lot of pressure on our body and mind. Stress has been declared a global epidemic and is linked to the six leading causes of death. Over 350 million people suffer from depression worldwide. Chronic illness, anxiety, anger, loneliness are on the rise, even affecting the youth. In order to maintain a healthy society, addressing mental health issues has become a critical need for our complex world.

At the same -me the health of forests around the world is suffering. Economic pressures on communities that live around forests opens the doors
to a range of hostile activities like logging and poaching. Another big fallout is the growth of insensi-ve tourism, which is bringing a large number of inept people to forest areas. It not only affects the surrounding environment in a negative way but also impacts the local culture adversely.

A simple idea can help us address and reduce these problems. By creating centers of healing around forests and providing job security that depends on the health of the forests we can hope to create an environmentally sensitive
collective. This ini-a-ve will create ac-ve groups comprising of people across cities and forests, which can act as stewards for a healthier planet.
Your involvement will greatly aid in assisting us to accomplish our goal. We look forward to wandering the woods with you and deepening our reconnect, relationship and respect for nature.

Jibhi Hills & Tirthan Valley

Himalayan Cedar and Oak Forests dotted with rhododendrons, maples, chestnuts and calming meadows amidst gentle brooks & mountain streams


Sense Walk

Slow yourself, Know yourself, Grow yourself

The first step is to slow down and be silent. Sense walks enable this process and help us to become more observant and attentive.  Once we have our attention and focus on the current moment we begin to engage more meaningfully with our surroundings and in the process start to reconnect with nature.


Calm, Clarity, Creativity

Moving silently and slowly we move from reconnecting to building relationships. We start to engage with our immediate environment through a set of games and activities that help us to develop a more meaningful relationship with nature, with
ourselves and with those who walk with us This whole process makes us more aware of the importance of relationships and the -me and space given to it.

Forest Art Walk, Silent Playfulness, Forest Friends


Impermanence, Interconnectedness, Insights

Reflecting on our reconnections and relationships helps us to rebuild perspective and inculcate gratitude and respect.
In this part of the journey we engage more introspectively and meditatively with nature thereby finding some answers and hopefully meaningful ac-on Writing in Nature Photography meditation


Day 1 – Arrival 

We reach Jibhitoday. Evening gathering for introductions.
Orientation & story telling.

Day 2 – Attention

Drive to a nearby wilderness Sense walk Learning to be silent and slow. Evening gathering to share some more insights and stories

Day 3 – Awareness

Drive to the woods Forest games and activities enhance our reconnect and become more  aware about our outer and inner worlds.

Day 4 – Answers

The forest offers many insights and we try and share our insights through introspective and meditative walks.We spend the day visiting some streams and woods.

Day 5 – Action 

Hop full your reconnect kindles our spirits to take some
meaningful ac-on. We talk about opportunities to engage with communities that are working on re – establishing harmony between humans and nature.



5 Days / 4 Nights



1800-3000 mts


Indian Himalayas, Jibhi & surrounding forests of GHNP


Pleasant/sunny days with cold mornings/night


Early Spring & Autumn (Temp. High 25 C, Low 8 C)


Precondition Ability to walk slow & in silence




Local Taxi (pick up and drop at Aut)

Nearest Airports

Local Taxi (pick up and drop at Aut)


lalitomshan@gmail.com + 91-98160 57101

Best time to trek


Recommended for Families with small kids above 6 years old 

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  • Accommoda-on star-ng day 1 till Day 5 (on twin sharing basis, check out on day 5)
  • Meals star-ng dinner day 1 till breakfast day 5
  • All local transport within Jibhi and Tirthan including pick-up and drop to Aut.
  • Guide and Facilitator costs
  • All hikes, walks, forest sessions and activities


  • Transport in and out of Aut
  • Mineral water
  • Travel insurance
  • Any cos ts a rising ou t o f un fo reseen
  • circumstances


INR 29,700/person excluding taxes (as



To participate in tours at Jibhi Adventure 

  • Educators
  • Outdoor professionals
  • Nature based wellness facilitators
  • Conservationists
  • Nature based tourism professionals
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Poets and Philosophers
  • Wellbeing Facilitators
  • Anyone who wants to connect with nature